People reveal the worst Christmas presents they’ve ever received, including a Terry Wogan CD, blue wig and an economics book

Disgruntled by their gifts, these unhappy people have been sharing their disappointing Christmas items they have been given by their friends and colleagues.

Some have clearly been bought with a very tiny budget, which isn’t always the fault of the buyer.

While these people have laughed it off and shared the tale on social media, we recently shared how one woman had Google the cost of the “cheap” present and demanded an extra gift.

Other Secret Santa gifts in our gallery have been purchased with very little thought about what the receiver would like.

Here we reveal some of the presents that certainly are lacking in Christmas cheer…





Meanwhile, these are the WORST Christmas fails ever, including some very rude reindeer.

Third of millennials think they are better Christmas hosts than their parents.

From lobster to turkey, here's what the Royal Family eat on Christmas Day. 

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