People go crazy for clever optical illusion — but can you spot who is wearing the heels? | The Sun

THINK you know who is wearing the high heels in this photograph? Think again!

A confusing optical illusion has taken social media by storm as many people have struggled to identify who is wearing what in the now viral picture.

In the snapshot, someone can be seen hugging someone else who is sitting down at a desk.

However, at first glance it looks as if the male is wearing an ensemble of fitted jeans and heels.

But when people began to look in more detail, they realised that it was in fact the female who was wearing the clothes.

A TikTok account called @Laughswithsel shared it on her profile, as she laughed and revealed her own mix-up.

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She told her followers: “Ok, this took me so long to actually see what is going on here.

“Because I totally thought he was wearing the blue shirt, the white pants and the heels – but it’s actually her.”

Once @Laughswithsel pointed it out, her followers realised their own mistake and took to the comment section to share their surprise.

One wrote: “He is sitting and the girl is on his shoulder.”

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Naughty note

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A second said: “The girl is the one in the blue and the guy is in the purple.”

Meanwhile, others decided to help out those still struggling to decipher what was going on by sharing their helpful tips.

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One revealed: “Look at the girl's hair I hope that helps, that's how I got it!”

Another hinted: “For those who still can't get it, just cover his head and the purple shirt.”

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