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IT’S something that is found in almost everyone’s kitchens up and down the country.

But some people have just realised the correct way to use a kitchen roll holder – and it’s blowing their minds. 

While many people opt to have their kitchen accessory standing upwards on top of one of their kitchen counters, others have figured out its proper use.

One social media user called Cippi Rippi uploaded a video titled ‘Things I Wish I Knew Before.’ 

In the footage, he showed how he usually has his kitchen roll holder – upright so that he can pull a sheet off whenever he needs one.

However, @cipprippicippi then revealed he was “today years old” when he found out you can slide the silver frame onto a shelf and have it on its side, more akin to a toilet roll holder.

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He then showed how much easier it is to get a piece of the toilet roll off, and how the paper doesn’t unravel as much as before. 

The video, which has amassed 1.1million likes since being posted, immediately became the talk of TikTok.

And lots of people flocked to the comment section to say they had never thought of this before, and couldn’t believe their eyes.

One person wrote: “No way!!!”

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A second social media user added: “What?!” with a series of shocked faces.

Elsewhere, a third TikTok fan typed: “I am also today years old.”

As another agreed with their comment: “I am still blinking my eyes in disbelief.” 

After viewing the footage, many tried it out for themselves and said they were converted.

One person said: “That’s pretty good! Works here.”

Another added: “Bless your heart for telling me this.” 

However, others were quick to have their say and put forward that there was an alternative way to use the holder.

One pointed out: “I thought you put the paper towel in between the holder and it cuts the paper better.” 

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Another joined the debate, as they commented: “You’re supposed to feed the paper towel through the metal thing and use it as something to tear it with.”

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