People are just realizing there’s a lazy way to start a BBQ – you’ll have flames in an instant | The Sun

AN OUTDOOR cooking enthusiast has discovered a lazy way to start a BBQ.

He was amazed to have only just discovered this hack that gives flames in an instant.

But judging by some of the comments to his post, many have already been in on the secret for some time.

Nonetheless, there were enough viewers new to the tip to be super-impressed.

It was apt that Michael Lowe (@michaellowe25) should share this hack on his TikTok.

His platform is all about “traveling the globe [and] golf."

There was, however, one other passion on his list: " BBQing.”

Once he had discovered this smoking hot tip, he wanted to share it with his followers.

His video has gone viral with over 1.1 million views, thousands of comments, and over 64,000 shares.

“I was today year’s old when….," he said.

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“You can light your barbeque just by lighting a bag.”

He demonstrated the technique in his video.

First, he placed a bag of coals in the BBQ.

Then he set a lighter to the paper bag container.

Within no time at all the bag had caught light and was quickly dancing with good cooking flames.

One fan couldn't believe he had never heard of it before: "It's so obvious, how have I never thought of this before?" he asked.

"This is astonishing," said one gob-smacked viewer.

Another said it was a "great hack."

Concluding the post was this viewer who offered their own method for lighting the coals.

“Just use some napkin with cooking oil, that’s it," they suggested.

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