People are just realizing there is an unopened way to spread hotel butter – the method works but can cause 'explosions' | The Sun

TIKTOK has once again graced users with a hack that could save you time and frustration with your next hotel breakfast.

This time, the food hack has seen people realize that they have been spreading the small hotel packets of butter wrong.

TikToker Amy Sharp (@amysharp91) shared a clip of her boyfriend spreading butter on his toast without opening the packet.

"You've been spreading butter wrong your whole life," the video said.

The hack comes after years of hotel users tearing holes in their bread or toast due to the cold squares of butter not spreading easily.

Amy's boyfriend places the butter packet down on a plate and using a fork he pokes a number of holes into it.

He then picks it up and hovers the packet above his piece of toast and squeezes.

In the clip, butter can be seen coming out of the packet like long noodles and landing on the toast for easy spreading.

"My life will never be the same again," one viewer commented.

However, the hack does not come without a warning.

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Some users who attempted it have reported instances of butter explosions.

One viewer said: "I tried this at the hotel but it just exploded everywhere."

Another replied: "I tried this and it exploded and I got butter all over my fingers."

"It spread everywhere except the damn fork holes," another said.

Meanwhile, other viewers praised the hack calling it "impressive" and saying: "Bro is living in 2050."

Others were shocked to find that this was an unknown hack after admitting that they have done it this way for years.

One wrote: "I've always done that."

Another said: "I knew this food hack right before it came out."

People who don't want to risk a butter explosion could also follow other advice that was suggested in the comments.

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One viewer said: "Easier method is to place it on the side of your coffee cup.

"It becomes soft and you spread it easily."

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