People are just realising they’ve been opening nappy packs wrong – the right way to do it is so much easier | The Sun

A MUM has been left stunned after she figured out the correct way to open nappy packs and it makes things so much easier. 

The mum of two had been opening nappy packs the hard way for two years before she figured out the right way. 

Amy, who goes by @living_an_organised_life shared the right way in a TikTok video online. 

She said: “I've just found out that I have been opening nappies the hard way for the last two years.”

For the past two years the mum of two has been ripping the nappy packs at the top and struggling to pull the nappies out. 

She said: “This is how I've been doing it.”

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“I've been simply opening the perforated edge at the top, pulling them out in chunks and filling them into my drawer. But there is actually an easier way.”

It turns out most nappy packs are designed to be opened straight down the middle.

Amy said: “There's a perforated centre line that you simply tear open like this, so you get two halves.”

This design also helps parents when storing nappies. 

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Amy said: “Now, you could store them like this. Or this is the best bit.

“You simply just pop them in the drawer like this, squeeze from the bottom and they come out perfectly.”


The mum of two asked: “How did I not know this?”

The nappy hack video racked up over 620,000 views online. 

Many other parents were stunned that they had never heard of the right way.

One user said: “I thought the middle line was new!”

Another said: “Haha yes. you can pretty much rip 'em in half those big packs anyway no matter the brand.”

“OMG 6 kids and 26 years later,” a third viewer said.

But the revelation didn't come as a shock to all parents. 

One viewer said: “Wait, not everyone did this??”

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