Parents slammed for naming their daughter after themselves – the name is so bad trolls say it's a 'tragedy' & 'stupid' | The Sun

IT'S NOT unusual to name your newborn after a member of your family, or even a celebrity you really love.

But one couple decided to take things a step further and name their daughter after their favourite thing… themselves.

Rather than picking just one of their names for their little one, the couple combined both their first names to create something entirely new.

But after a picture of the name was shared on social media on the tot's birthday cake, the parents were utterly rinsed for the weird choice.

The dad, Kevin, and the mum, Kellie, named their daughter Kevleigh – opting to change the spelling of the mum's half of the name.

Although there's no denying the name is unique, other parents weren't so sure it was the best option.


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"If only Kellin was the other choice, it's at least a real name," one Facebook user wrote.

A second commented: "Kevly wouldn’t be that bad but…. Kevleigh eeee."

"But Kelvin was RIGHT there too," someone else pointed out.

And another quipped: "That’s HORRIBLE."

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"If this name tells me anything, baby getting half of each of the parents genetics was already more than the baby had bargained for," another commented.

"That cake and that name are both so bad, they definitely belong together," someone else said.

Another joked: "Did they order the cake AND the name off wish?"

Meanwhile, other users shared their own combination names.

"My name is Kerri – parents Kelly and Jerry. I think it worked out better for me," one commented.

And another said: "My mum is Leona and my sisters dad is Brian, they named my sister Briona and I always thought it was really unique until I searched her name on Facebook and found thousands of them."

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