Parents are raving about the £6.99 'pee cups' you can buy on Amazon for when your kids need the loo on long car journeys

THERE'S only one thing more annoying than hearing: "Are we there yet?" on a long car journey – hearing: "I need the toilet."

But thanks to a quirky £6.99 product, this may now be a thing of the past.

  • OneDone portable potty, £6.99 from Amazon – buy now

OneDone's portable potty is described as an "emergency toilet for camping and car travel", as well as a tool for "potty pee training".

Also dubbed a "pee cup", it holds a maximum capacity of 500ml, is reusable and is "lightweight and easy to carry".

As it looks just like a water bottle, nobody will know you're lugging your child's pee around – as long as you're careful not to get it confused with your flask.

There are two styles, catering for both boys and girls.

Impressively, the product has racked up dozens of five star reviews on Amazon.

One mum wrote: "Brilliant for emergencies in the car or when out and about. It's much more discreet than a potty which intimidated my son a little when he needed to go when we were out of the house.

"It's also leak-proof which is amazing considering how easy it is to empty!"

Another said: "My son loves this. When he was struggling initially with potty training he adapted well to using this urinal and thought it was fun to use.

"Also great when out and about and you are not close to a toilet."


One woman said the cup has become an everyday essential for her family.

She commented: "I bought 2 of these; one male and one female. My children love them, particularly their bright colours. We don't leave home without them."

"This is great, an absolute life saver for those moments when your child tells you they need a wee and you're nowhere near a toilet," reads another message.

"We used it in the middle of the lion enclosure at the safari park when clearly we couldn't get to a toilet.

"It's just so easy to use and more discreet than a bush!"

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