Optical illusion reveals a key personality trait about you – so are you inpatient or relaxed? | The Sun

THIS clever optical illusion can reveal a key aspect of your personality, but it all depends on what you see.

So are you inpatient or more on the relaxed side of things?

According to Mia Yilin, who shared the illusion on TikTok it comes down the image you spot first.

The black and white illustration shows a cloudy white background which seems to form the outline of the letter 'R'.

But some eagle-eyed viewers first spotted the little girl holding a balloon in the image.

So which did you see first?


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If you're one of the people who was the letter first you're probably on the impatient side of things.

Mia explained: "You are quite an impatient person and sometimes rush into things without really thinking it through."

You might also listen to your heart rather than your head.

"Your biggest fear is letting an importnat opportunity slip through your fingers because you weren't proactive enough, so you often overcompensate just to be safe," she added.

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If you spotted the child holding the balloon first you're more logical and relaxed.

"You think through every decision thoroughly and like to account for all possibilities.

"Sometimes people find you intimidating to approach because of how intense you are.

But in reality you're a super friendly person, it just takes you time to warm up to others."

Fellow TikTok users loved how accurately the illusion revealed their personality.

One commented: "I saw the R, it took me a whole minute to even see the girl."

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