Only 10% of people can work out these Christmas brain teasers in under 30 seconds – how long will it take you?

We've found three brilliant brain teasers to tide you over until December 25.

All you have to do is spot the festive-themed words hidden in the images of tangled fairy lights.

According to The Solar Centre – who created the puzzles – only 10% of people can find them in under 30 seconds.

Reckon you can beat the average?

Set your stopwatch, and take a look below…

Can you spot the word hidden in these lights?

How about in this star?

And what about in this reindeer?

Now let's take a look at the answers.

How many did you get right?


'North Pole'


If you're after more festive brain teasers, it's taking people over THREE minutes to find the five hidden turkeys in this festive scene.

This test challenges people to find the star atop a Christmas tree.

And can you spot the Christmas baby hidden in Santa's workshop?

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