My wife mapped out how to serve my kids dinner – she thinks I’m an idiot & everyone is saying same thing | The Sun

WHEN it comes to our kids, we have no problem admitting that we're complete and utter control freaks

From breakfast to bedtime, we've got their everyday schedule (more or less) down to a fine art.

So if plans ever change unexpectedly, it's only natural to want everything to run smoothly in your absence… right?

Well one husband was a little miffed after his wife went to GREAT lengths to ensure he stuck to plan when she wasn't there.

Earlier this month, the bloke shared a photo on Reddit of the dinner trays his wife had "prepped" for him.

He wrote: "My wife just went back to work and thinks I’m an idiot."

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In each section of the kids' trays, the devoted mum had placed a note telling her husband what was supposed to be in there – right down to the condiments.

On top of this, she also included instructions on he should use to steam their vegetables and where he could find everything in the fridge.

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And to avoid any confusion, she even left out the correct tins of corn and baked beans for him to use.

The dad added: "She is incredibly anxious about the separation and I’m doing everything I can to help her feel comfortable.

“I prepped the dinner exactly how she asked me to. But I still thought it was pretty funny.

"It went pretty smoothly but apparently I had the temperature wrong for some of the food."

Unsurprisingly, other parents on the forum loved the mum's approach.

One replied: "I’m not sure whether you are an idiot, but your wife is definitely smart. So organised."

Another joked: "I need this. It’s like an open world game where they give you a path trail to the quest location, mini map, and break down steps to complete the quest.

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“Just saying. I’m the one always at work and when I need to take a day off to watch the kids, it’s like I‘m Bear Grylls except my remote location is trying to find ingredients in the kitchen."

Meanwhile, a third said: "Mum was probably trying to save dad from endless toddler tantrums from the ketchup being slightly to the left. Or the nuggets touching the corn. Toddlers are emotional terrorists."

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