My sister kicked me out of her wedding because of my dress – people say it's 'straight from a bridal catalog' | The Sun

ONE woman says she got kicked out of her sister's wedding for her wardrobe choice on the big day.

But while she doesn't think there was anything wrong with her dress, social media users insist she should have known better, saying the gown she chose was "straight from a bridal catalog."

In a Reddit post, the ejected sister, 26, said that although she has had some recent spats with the bride, 31 she was still invited to her wedding.

Ahead of the big day, the bride shared some rules for her sister's dress.

"The rules my sister laid out were that it can't be white and it has to be a more formal type of dress, which I didn't mind and agreed to the rules," she wrote.

"I had the perfect dress in mind, which was one I wore to a friend's wedding about a year ago which I had still held onto."


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The Reddit user described the dress as a "floor-length silverish dress with a leaf-like design, and not too flashy or anything."

On the wedding day, though, she said her sister was "somewhat cold to me."

"My sister tells me that she doesn't approve of my dress and that it would be best if I left," she recalled.

"I asked her what was wrong about it as it fit both requirements she had set for the dresses worn. She told me that it looked as if I was attempting to upstage her at her own wedding with my dress of choice."

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Though she seems to think she did no wrong, however, Redditors thought otherwise once she posted photos of the dress.

In images she later uploaded, the sister can be seen wearing a floor-length white gown with an off-white overlay, which has been embroidered with silver accents.

It has a plunging neckline and a full skirt, which commenters insist screams "bridal."

"So tired of people playing coy when they wear off-white dresses," wrote one commenter.

"It's silver over a white underlay, definitely way too bridal!" wrote another.

"LOL my dear friend literally wore this to her own wedding," wrote a third.

"This looks like it was straight from a bridal catalog, and is definitely not appropriate without pre-approval," added a fourth.

Chiming in in the comments, the sister, who goes by Turkish_queen, claimed that the choice of dress was cultural.

"This was a traditional Turkish wedding where the bride wears reds, limited whites, and golds," she said. "Traditionally in Turkish weddings you wear formal clothing."

Redditors were not convinced by the alleged cultural element.

"Nope, in Turkish weddings, the bride wears a white dress and guests should not wear a white dress," argued one Reddit user.

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The sister also dug her heels in, claiming the dress was really silver, not white.

"I went to the store saw it was silver asked the clerk if it was silver and she confirmed it," she said.

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