My roll-and-ram technique means I never pay for luggage but get a whole week’s worth of holiday clothes in a rucksack | The Sun

A SAVVY mum – who prides herself on travelling cheap – has declared her roll-and-ram technique as the ultimate way to save on baggage costs.

The Travel Mum, whose name is Jen, can fit a whole week’s worth of holiday clothes and toiletries into a small hand luggage rucksack. 

This means she doesn’t have to pay for any suitcases or luggage in the hold… because she’s carrying it all on her back. 

The mum-of-one took to TikTok to demonstrate how she does it by rolling and ramming things into her trusty backpack.

“Nine times out of ten we travel with just [a rucksack],” Jen said. “Impossible, I hear you all saying. 

“But it’s not.”

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Jen showcased just how much she fits into her little rucksack, including two bikinis, a light pair of trousers, five T-shirts, three pairs of shorts, four dresses and “something a bit fancier”.

When packing dresses, she said she makes sure they “can work for night and day”.

“The secret her is to roll and make things as small as possible,” she explained. “Then ram them into the bottom of that bag.

“All of those things are now in the bag.

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“With smaller things like bikinis and underwear, you just ram them into all the spare spaces.”

Once her clothes were “rammed” into the rucksack, Jen still had space at the top of it. 

She uses that space for toiletries, make-up and electronics. 

One flaw people noted in her method was bringing toiletries and liquids through security.

However, Jen had a hack for that too.

“The issue I have is with liquids,” one woman said. “I need sun cream, hair stuff, contact lens solution and skincare stuff and that never fits.”

“Get some travel bottles and decant everything into little bottles,” Jen replied. “Buy what you can when you get there.”

Jen also wears her heavier clothes, like a hoodie and jeans, on the plane to avoid taking up unnecessary space in her bag. 

Her young son Leo similarly has his own rucksack that he carries on, as does her husband. 

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“Yes everyone gets a rucksack,” Jen explained in the comments. “So we take three.

“Leo’s stuff only takes up half a bag so we get to use some of his space.”

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