My nightmare neighbour left me the harshest note about my bad habit – I couldn’t believe it | The Sun

MOVING into a new area can be a bit daunting, especially if you don't know any of your new neighbours.

Most of us want to make a good first impression when we first move in, but no matter what you do, there's just no pleasing some snobby neighbours.

That's what this person discovered when they received a harsh letter from one of their neighbours.

Hull live shared the anonymous letter that was posted in aKingswood community Facebook group.

The snobby neighbour wasn't too impressed with the bad language they heard coming from the home.

They wrote: "I couldn't help but hear the disgusting language that came from your household over the weekend.

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"Polite reminder you are now on Kingswood, one of the best places to live – not Preston Road!"

Some people agreed with the slightly snooty note.

One said: "Maybe mindful about your language, not everyone appreciates hearing it."

A second wrote: "Don't agree with anonymous letter at all… however if it was my neighbours I would just politely ask them to watch their language (if loud and outside) as I have a young child that I wouldn't want hearing it."

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However some residents thought the letter was so uncalled for, "What an absolute snob," one quipped.

Another said: "Some sad sad folk, it's Kingswood not Buckingham Palace.

"And FYI nothing wrong with Preston Road, maybe if they grew up in a community like that they wouldn't be posting anonymous letters. Sad."

And someone else joked: "What's wrong with Preston Road? I lived there when I was younger (snobs)"

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