My neighbour's stealing the veggies I've been growing in my garden – I'm fuming, she even brags about it on social media | The Sun

NEW NEIGHBOURS can make or break your home life.

And one woman has become infuriated with her new neighbour after she noticed her vegetables were going missing from her garden.

Taking anonymously to Reddit, she said she only noticed the issue when her neighbour, Kristen, moved in next door, who she then tried to confront.

The woman had started growing her food during the pandemic and noticed an array of vegetables going missing this year.

She added: 'This summer, produce has begun disappearing: some of my tomatoes, squash, eggplants and herbs will disappear overnight.

"I see no signs of animals chewing them. No vegetables disappeared from my garden last summer."


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The woman said it was obvious someone was taking them and that Kristen is the nearest house to hers – so assumed it was her.

She even revealed her neighbour had been posting pictures of the vegetables going missing on her Instagram, as she has a food account to promote her catering business.

The woman explained: "I even checked her Instagram and see her posting photos of food this very week featuring the exact produce that's gone missing from my garden – tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, herbs."

The next day she confronted her neighbour about the missing vegetables and said her neighbour became very defensive.

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She added: "She said I was crazy and that she had no reason to steal from me as there is a farmer's market right down the road and she grows her own windowsill herbs and has a supplier for her business."

Her neighbour even bragged about how much money she makes and that she had no need to steal – making her even more suspicious.

In the end, things got ugly and her neighbour slammed the door in her face.

She asked Reddit users if she was wrong for confronting her.

But users were divided on the matter, one wrote: "Get a security camera and get proof if she's the one doing it."

Another agreed: "This. Get a security camera and then I'd honestly call the police and press charges. OP, you tried handling it nicely, and she was… not receptive."

A third commented: "You should have put up cameras and gotten proof that she was stealing from you. YTA because you started accusing her without any proof."

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