My 'natural coolant' will take a few degrees off your thermometer without AC – there are 7 options and they're all cheap | The Sun

A GARDENING expert has shared the top seven plants that double as a "natural coolant."

The items all take a few degrees off your thermometer at home without breaking the bank.

Online experts Gardening with Gardeners love to share their tips and tricks with viewers.

Another thing they do is guide you in choosing and maintaining your indoor plants.

In a YouTube video, they shared seven popular plant options that also are a "natural coolant" and keep your house cool in the hot summer without air conditioning.

According to experts,indoor cooling plants offer a more natural way to lower your home's temperature and reduce your reliance on cooling appliances that cause electricity bills to spike.

The first ones mentioned were bamboo palm and areca palm plants.

Its large leaves give off cooling effects while also filtering toxins like benzine.

"Keep this [bamboo] plant in direct sunlight and mist it regularly throughout the summer to get the best results," they said in a voiceover.

Areca palm is also a natural humidifier and air purifier, according to research conducted by NASA.

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The second option was Peace Lily, in which large leaves release the highest amount of oxygen and moisture.

Similar to the previous plants, it does best in direct light and needs to be regularly misted.

Next, they moved on to the rubber plant, also known as Ficus Elastica, whose large, waxy leaves have great cooling power.

This Ficus Elastica can make a big difference in the air quality and remove toxins like formaldehyde from indoor air.

It must be regularly watered and its leaves should be cleaned often with a wet, cotton cloth to remove dust and clear its ducts.

The fourth plant mentioned was Golden Pothos, which is easily underestimated due to its small size.

This low-maintenance evergreen house plant with its large heart-shaped regulated leaves humidifies the air and eliminated radiation from electronics.

"Grow this plant in soil or in water and place it under indirect sunlight. It is a good luck plant also," the narrator said.

The fifth item, weeping fig, or Ficus Benzamina, is a great statement piece for any living room and makes the air moist.

"You can create a mini cooling ecosystem by placing a few cooling plants around this," they added. "Some bright light and regular water keep this whole ecosystem happy."

The penultimate plant mentioned was a Boston fern, which removes volatile and organic pollutants like formaldehyde and also acts as a humidifier.

Lastly, aloe vera is renowned for its medicinal benefits and healing properties, but it also has cooling effects.

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The high water content in its leaves releases cooler evaporated moisture into the air, absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide, and releases oxygen at night.

"Keep one aloe vera in your bedroom for sound sleep at night," they suggested.

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