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A WOMAN has unveiled a clever fashion hack her mum taught her growing up to stop tights from running. 

Hannah Harmelin explained that her mum always knew what to do in any given fashion-related situation and passed on much of her knowledge to her daughter. 

Standing in a brown, short-sleeved turtleneck dress that she scrunched up alongside a pair of tights, the brunette beauty explained: “Growing up my mom always had the best fashion hacks. 

“And this one she taught me, stayed with me forever. She just always knew what to do in every situation with, every outfit.” 

Hannah continued: “She just taught us so many little tricks that I feel like everybody should know about.” 

Calling this one “life changing”, she explained how to prevent tights from running and ruining your entire look.

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“You know when you’re wearing tights and you’re pulling them up and they get a run in them, it’s the worst feeling ever,” she said. 

“…Now you have a hole in your tights from your nails or from pulling them up and stretching them out.” 

Going into how to perform the fashion hack, she shared: “Instead of grabbing your tights and pulling them with your nails, here’s what you’re going to do. 

“Get your hands wet in the sink and get the palms of your hands with your wet hands – you take them and you pull up your leg.” 

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She then demonstrated this as she covered her hands in water and lifted one leg up to pull the tights with her flat palms.

“Pull them with flat hands – the tights will stick to your wet hands. So this way, we are pulling our tights up without digging our nails into them and we get no holes in our tights.” 

“BEST hack yer welcomed,” she wrote in the caption of her TikTok. 

People rushed to the comments to share their thoughts, with many urging her to start a series with these nifty hacks. 

“Where was this this past weekend! I went through 3 pair and every store I went too was sold out,” [sic] one person shared.

A second said: “Are u KIDDING ME I just ruined like 3 pairs lmfao rip”. [sic]

While a third added: “Omg. I’m a singer and pantyhose look so good on stage and the NUMBER I’ve gone through from ruining them with my nails……” [sic]

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