My house was built in the 1920s – there's an old jail cell in the basement, but that's not the only creepy thing I found | The Sun

A HOME decor fan has shared interesting features of her 1920s-era home.

She revealed that there was an old jail cell hidden in the basement, but that wasn't the only creepy thing she discovered about her house.

Mallory (@malloryonthemoon) is a fan of things home, DIY, and thrift store fashion finds.

She recently moved to Florida with her husband but wasn't prepared for what she found in the basement of her new dwelling.

In a TikTok video, she gave viewers a brief tour of her historic house built in the 1920s.

"Creepy and strange things in my 1920s home that really don't make sense," she said in a voiceover as she showed the outside.

On the second floor, there's outdoor siding and all of the doors have individual knockers and independent lights.

"I find that so creepy," she admitted.

Then, she made her way down to the basement — where there was an old jail cell once used by police.

"The state patrol used to keep people down here when the jail was closed and would take them in the morning," she explained.

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Also, the basement door going upstairs locks from the inside out and not outside in, which perplexed her.

Lastly, she found the original wallpaper a bit quirky but kept it.

"It was too cool not to keep, so it's currently in my dining room," she said as the video came to a close.

Many people tossed in what they thought many of the features meant, while others couldn't help but chime in with their two cents.

"That wallpaper is what dreams are made of," a viewer commented.

"It was probably a boarding house at one stage," another offered.

"The siding was probably because at one point the house was added onto and it was divided into multiple living areas," another added.

"I don’t find any of that creepy. You get scared too easy," a TikTok user shared.

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