My friend and I hate being pale – but we suffered from an epic spray tan fail when we stepped outside into a storm | The Sun

A DUO of friends suffered from the most epic spray tan fail after a storm hit the town as they were walking outside.

Online content creators Alexis Driscoll and Julia Frys, from Los Angeles, the USA, took to Instagram to share the hilarious disaster after their spray tan went horribly wrong.

According to the duo, who make up the internet personality Heartlyn Rae, they hate their fair complexion – and will be ready to ''do anything to not look pale''.

Although there are many ways to achieve a sun-kissed glow, this time, the two pals decided to get a spray tan – and the floods outside didn't stop the beauty lovers.

As the roads had been shut down due to extreme weather, Alexis and Julia had to walk to the salon – and initially, things were looking promising.

However, it was only after the tanning appointment when they realised they had made a big mistake, one they'd later regret.


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As driving was not an option, the two – now all bronzed up – had to walk back, and this is when the harsh reality hit.

With the rain pouring down, the pals attempted to hide underneath whatever they could find – even some cardboard they'd stumbled across.

Sadly, despite their efforts, it seems that none of this helped, as the spray tan was slowly streaming off their bodies.

''Look at this, look at her,'' Alexis pointed the camera at Julia who didn't appear to be too impressed in the video.

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Not only had their tan become all patchy, but the make-up was also now a hot mess, the two shared to their 173k followers on the platform.

Since being shared on their Instagram page, the clip has gone viral, racking up more than 3.8million views.


In hysterics, thousands raced to comments where one said: ''And you wore white! Lol Can't wait to see how it looks tomorrow.''

Someone else was in stitches, writing: ''This is complete gold.''

''I swear I thought something was wrong with you guys skin until I say the words ‘spray tan’,'' a social media user chimed in.

''This made me laugh,'' a fourth couldn't get the disaster.

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