My friend accused me of giving my sons 'naughty names' – I even chose one for my third baby too… I feel so guilty | The Sun

AN UPSET woman explained that her friend had commented that she had picked "naughty names" for her sons and now she felt guilty for not giving them the best possible start in life.

The mum-of-two, said that she's been considering having a third baby and is now confused about which names to consider.

She said that she was shocked when her friend told her she was "brave" for giving her sons "naughty boy names".

Taking to Mumsnet, she said: "A friend made a light hearted comment (supposedly) about my two children’s names last week and I am convinced she’s a MN member seeing as she used to the term ‘naughty boy name’.

"My husband has got Scottish roots and before we [tried to conceive] the plan was always that we would honour his history.

"He used to live in Scotland but moved to England to settle down with me and as all his family are still in Scotland we felt Scottish names would be a nod to them.

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"We had a son first and called him Arran (pronounced Arun) after one of the Isles and we joked that if our second child was a girl we would call her Skye.

"Second child turned out to be another gorgeous boy so we called him Lewis, after one of the other Scottish Isles.

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"My friend is pregnant – which is why we were taking about names – and that’s when she said (with a giggle) that it was really brave of me to give both my sons names that are associated with being naughty. She laughed it off but it really hurt."

The woman said she'd since come on Mumsnet and found other people branding Lewis a "naughty boy name".

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She added: "I know a child’s name doesn’t define them but I feel so guilty that I may have given both my boys a name that has negative associations."

Fellow Mumsnet users were quick to jump in with their thoughts.

One said: "Ignore her. They are not naughty names."

Another said: "This is nuts and not something I've heard before, on here or elsewhere. They're lovely names and your friend was being b****y."

A third said: "There is no such thing as a 'naughty boy name'. It is just the personal associations people have with a name."

Another said: "Never really thought about 'naughty names' but when I read the title though I immediately had a few names in my head that I thought you might say.

"Arran and Lewis I definitely wouldn't consider naughty names! Both quite lovely. Ignore your friend, quite a mean comment to have made."

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While another person said: "I live in Scotland – certainly not naughty boy names where I am (and have been).

"In fact, boys named after islands IME are always the sweetest and from the nicest families."

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