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SOMETIMES our homes are filled with strange lingering smells that won't disappear no matter what.

Fortunately, one mum has come to rescue with an easy cleaning hack that will make any room full of fresh scent in just seconds – and no, you won't need an air freshener.

Emily May (@emilymay_interior), from Leicestershire, took to Instagram to share the simple – and inexpensive trick – with her 87k followers.

''It's basically free and keeps your home smelling incredible for days,'' the mum-of-two claimed in her video.

Demonstrating the step-by-step tutorial, Emily first started by filling up a spray bottle with lukewarm water.

Once the bottle's halfway full, chuck in your favourite fabric softener – this will add that lovely scent.


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Then Emily proceeded to add the star of the show – a shot of vodka.

This boozy beverage, she explained, will keep the DIY concoction fresh and will also minimise any residue.

To complete the mixture, the savvy mum poured in a a tablespoon of baking soda.

Sharing the hack, Emily said this kitchen staple does wonders when it comes to absorbing any nasty odours lingering around.

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Give the scented spray a ''really, really good shake'' and you're ready to go – spray it on the sofa, carpets, faux plants and faux flowers or any old throws.

The inexpensive spray can also be used on rugs, bedding, in the car, on the curtains and – the best part – even on Pooh Bears, the mum chuckled.

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Impressed social media users flocked to comments to share their thoughts, with one joking and finding another bonus: ''Ooh, I bet it smells beaut.

''You could have a cheeky vodka shot whilst making it too.''

However, whilst many tagged their pals and thanked Emily for the hack, others pointed out to the potential dangers of this trick.

''The fabric softener is making absolutely everything you’re spraying it on a fire hazard,''a viewer said.

''I used to do this until I found that out, ur [your] house would go up in no time!''

Another agreed, warning: ''Fabric softener is flammable so if you were unfortunate enough to have a fire it would be uncontrollable.''

However, if you're fancying more of a festive aroma in the air that calls for natural ingredients, one Aussie mum's got an amazing hack for you.

Chantel Mila, better known for her savvy cleaning hacks, revealed the easy steps to her 1.3million followers – and we're certain it's bound to become a favourite in your household too.

First, she demonstrated in the short clip, boil four cups of water before chucking in one sliced orange – this will give that signature zesty aroma.

After that, add half a cup of cranberries, two sprigs of rosemary and different spices – here, the Aussie opted for two cinnamon sticks and one teaspoon of clove.

''You can also add apples, star anise, fresh ginger, pine, vanilla or whichever smells remind you of the holiday season!'' she suggested.

''You can bottle the remaining mixture for later, or drink it as a tea.

''Let the scent will your home with festive joy!''

Fans flocked to comments to thank the cleaning whizz for the idea and some even shared their recommendations.

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''If you use wine and sugar on a low heat instead of water, you can make a mulled wine,'' one Instagram user pointed out.

Someone else reckoned: ''Inhaling this is also very good for your respiratory system and can help boost your immune system.''

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