My boyfriend keeps ‘Winnie the Poohing’ at home – I hate it, it’s unsanitary and dangerous but he won’t stop | The Sun

A WOMAN has taken to Reddit to complain about her boyfriend "Winnie the Poohing" at home.

The 24 year old poster admitted she had only recently moved in with her other half, and was entirely unaware of how much he liked "walking around the apartment completely bottomless".

"He calls this 'Winnie the Poohing'," she added in her post on Reddit's popular Am I The A*shole? forum.

"He told me he started it during work from home because he thought it was funny to be on Zoom and just not have pants on.

"I'll be honest it makes me a little uncomfortable for him to just constantly have his penis out in front of me so I have requested he just wear boxers at least."

However, her request that he wear underwear didn't go down too well with her other half, who called her "controlling" and said she should "appreciate his body".

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"It just feels kind of unsanitary and weirdly dangerous (he was cooking with oil and a drop of oil spat out of the pan and landed on his penis)," she added.

"So am I the asshole for not wanting to constantly look at my boyfriend's penis?"

The majority of people commenting on the post agreed that the woman wasn't in the wrong for asking her boyfriend to put some pants on.

"Tbh “Winnie the Poohing” is a pretty hilarious term for this.." one person began.

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"But yeah, after the 2nd day I would just not want his naked a**hole on the shared furniture ..every. Single. Day.

"This is unsanitary. Are you paying rent? Did he only do this sometimes in your presence prior? If this has been going on for awhile.. I could see myself just getting so turned off, I’d move out lol."

And someone else added: "I'd have an anxiety attack every time he plopped his derriere on furniture.

"'Please don't have your d*ck out all the time' is a perfectly healthy boundary to give a roommate."

But another person argued: "If getting hot oil on his penis won't get him to change this habit, nothing will."

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