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DANIELLE Mines had never been a fan of camping. So when her boyfriend Paul made plans to go with his mate, she was more than happy to wave them off.

But the 29-year-old, from Gosport, Hampshire, was left reeling when she discovered the pair were having an affair – and had arranged to go away purely to have sex.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, Danielle tells her shocking story…

"Got everything?" I asked my boyfriend Paul, now 29, as he zipped up his bag and grabbed his tent.

Paul and I had been friends for four years before our relationship blossomed into romance in March 2018.

Having just come out of a long-term relationship, I wasn’t expecting Paul to ask me out, but I figured that it couldn’t do any harm to go on a date.

He was in the same situation as me – not long out of a relationship – and we both agreed we just wanted some fun. But Paul surprised me – he was charming, witty and very funny.

Soon, we were in a serious relationship. It was just so easy with Paul. The best thing about going out with a friend was that we had loads of mates in common – including Jodie*, 29.

She was more Paul's mate than mine, but we got on great.

She revealed the pair had made the plan to go camping together, just so they could have sex behind my back

Paul was an outdoorsy type and would often go on camping trips with his mates.

So when he announced he was going camping with Jodie, in May 2018, I thought nothing of it. They had known each other for years.

But when Paul returned from the woods the next day, he could barely look at me.

"What's up with you?" I asked but he shrugged off my concerns.

"Nothing. I'm just really tired. It was cold last night and I could barely sleep."

But as the days went by, Paul’s mood didn’t improve. He was distant, snappy and jumpy. I couldn’t shake the feeling something was wrong.

The following month, in June 2018, I discovered I was right.

One afternoon, I was at home when Jodie suddenly called me and asked if she could come over.

I had no idea what she needed to talk to me about so urgently, but within half an hour she had pitched up at my house.

Jodie told me they'd been sleeping together for months before the camping trip

As we sat on the sofa, nothing could have prepared me for what she said next.

"I slept with Paul when we went camping," she blurted out. "I’m so sorry. But I thought you needed to know the truth."

I felt sick. I'd always thought they were just friends. I hadn't even considered something could happen between them.

I was even more heartbroken when she revealed the pair had made the plan to go camping together, just so they could have sex behind my back.

"There’s more," Jodie said. "It’s not the first time we’ve slept together."

She told me they'd been sleeping together for months before the camping trip, and even slept with each other a few times before I got together with Paul.

Confused and furious, I called Paul, who picked up after the first ring.

"How could you?" I screamed down the phone. "How could you sleep with Jodie, of all people? She’s our friend. You’ve both betrayed me."

"I’m so sorry," he replied. "I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I tried to stop it I swear, it just got out of hand.

"I don’t know why I did it. I should have told you I had a history with her. But I thought it had ended, when obviously it hadn’t."


“I completely regret what happened. Before Danielle I was in an unhealthy relationship which broke me a little bit.

“My mental health wasn’t in the best place, so I had a need for a reassurance from people, and the only way I could find that was sexually.

“So when Jodie tried things on I didn’t say no. As soon as I went back and saw Dani’s face, I was just broken.

“I couldn’t tell her because I feared losing her, but when Jodie told her it was almost a relief.

“I knew I needed help and needed therapy. And it definitely worked.

“I’m almost 100% sure that engagement is around the corner – I’ve even bought a ring. I’m happier now.”

I was still fuming. "You've thrown away everything. You're disgusting," I said, before hanging up.

Paul seemed genuinely apologetic and eventually I agreed to take him back – as long as we could try therapy.

"I’ll spend the rest of my life making this up to you, I promise," he swore.

Jodie is out of both of our lives now. Her name is mud to me, and Paul’s realised the grass isn’t greener.

Our relationship is stronger than ever – we’ve even bought a tent to go camping together.

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*Jodie’s name has been changed.

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