My boss told me my work outfit was ‘inappropriate’ because my leggings leave my ‘backside showing’ too much | The Sun

A WOMAN was left baffled after her boss slammed her outfit for being too “inappropriate” for work.

Healthcare worker Giselle Thanh revealed the offending ensemble, included a pair of black leggings and a cropped blue jumper.

Taking to her @your_em_ account, she claims her boss told her off for showing too much of her “backside.”

She wrote: "My boss called me into her office saying a manager made a complaint about my work attire.

"Apparently, my backside is showing too much, and it's inappropriate."

Giselle said she’d worn the outfit numerous times before without having any issues.

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She added in the comments: "Leggings are allowed at my job, but I was asked to change my leggings today."

Her video has racked up thousands of views, and she sparked a debate in the comments.

Some people rushed to defend her, with one saying: "Sounds like somebody’s jealous."

Another added: "This happened to me too at my job and my manager claimed that me and my friend got a lot of attention from men, so unfair."

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A third commented: "Want a new job?"

However, some agreed with the boss that the outfit was unfair for work, with one calling it "totally inappropriate".

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