My bloke sent me a form to fill out before our first date – some people say it's pathetic but I loved it

A WOMAN has shared the survey that her now boyfriend made her fill out before their first date.

TikTok user Maythe Eleven shared a video of the form that her bloke Graham asked her to fill out in preparation for their date.

Speaking in the video, she said: “A friend of mine recently asked me out on a date and after I said yes he sent me a Google form. 

“You’ve agreed to go out on a date with Graham congratulations, he promised you a good time with your preferences in mind.”

The form begins asking basic details including what time she would like the date to begin before asking what style of date she would like with options ranging from dinner to a day at the beach.

Graham then asks her what food she likes with her choices including steak, Indian or Thai food.

Finally she’s asked to choose the “fancy-schamniceness” of the dress code of the date on a scale from one to five ranging from “basically pyjamas” to suit and tie.

Graham followed up the form with an official invitation and then an exit interview form for Maythe to complete once the date was over.

She said: “Long story short I’m dating someone long distance now.”

His form prompted mixed reactions from Maythe’s followers who shared their thoughts in the comments.

“Oh my God this is terrible,” wrote one, while another added, “Dorky and awkward.”

Disagreeing, another said: “This is the kind of men we need, EFFORT.”

A fourth added: “Marry this man.”

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