My basket method is key if you long for a tidy home but have kids & there’s 3 rules but it’ll give you more chill time | The Sun

A MUM has revealed her clever system for keeping her home clutter-free while raising kids.

The woman, called Audrey, shared in a video on TikTok her "basket method" for keeping mess to a minimum.

In a post, the mum explained that it only works if you stick to three key rules.

Audrey explained: "The basket method is very important for busy households and houses with very young children."

She continued: "It's really simple. You take an empty basket and go around the house or the room you're in and toss everything into a basket.

"Stick the basket somewhere out of the way, like a closet.


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"At the end of the week or whenever it gets full, put everything away."

Audrey continued: "Now, in order to do the basket method successfully you must follow these rules."

The first is to only use one basket or you'll end up with "a closet full of baskets".

Secondly, use a small to medium size basket so it doesn't feel overwhelming to empty, and the third rule is to not add perishable items like food.

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She insisted that in order for the process to work, families needed to stick to three rulesCredit: TikTok/organizedchaos4

The clever mum's post has received more than 5,000 'likes' and over 70 comments.

One person wrote: "Great idea."

Another told her: "GENIUS."

A third shared: "This is such a good idea."

And a fourth added: "Game changer."

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