Museum of Peace & Quiet Delivers Understated Essentials for 2020

Museum of Peace & Quiet has delivered a concise range of understated essentials for 2020. The label was founded just a year ago by husband-and-wife duo Ashley and Christion Lennon who reside in California.

This lineup is entirely unisex, and it’s inspired by the scenic natural landscapes of deserts the duo witnessed on one of their road trips in the US — the result is a concise range of crewnecks, hoodies, long-sleeves, hats and tote bags, emphasized by minimal designs. Coming in colorways of black, white, gray and dark green, the garments have been printed with words done in either a sleek serif or an arched collegiate-style typeface. Words like “Naturalist” or “Museum of Peace & Quiet,” for example, are emblazoned throughout the capsule. Other pieces like the logo-embroidered caps and cream-colored canvas tote bag round off the assemblage.

Museum of Peace & Quiet’s 2020 capsule is currently available on HBX and SSENSE’s website, ranging from $50 – $120 USD.

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