Mumsnet users slam 'rude' husband who picks apart wife's dinner after she spent two hours cooking for him

MUMSNET users have slammed a woman's "rude" husband after he picked apart the dinner she had spent two hours cooking for him.

The wife shared on the popular website how her other half had complained about the meal she had made him, before refusing to finish the "lumpy" dish off.

In a thread titled 'To think that this is incredibly rude of darling husband', a woman asked if she was entitled to feel "furious" about her other half's "ungrateful" behaviour.

She wrote: "I usually cook all of the evening meals for DH and I during the week as I get in from work earlier than he does.

"Darling husband will usually come home from work whilst I’m half way through cooking and will be moaning about how starving he is, asking how much longer the food will be and generally being an impatient child.

"This evening, after spending two hours cooking our dinner and listening to DH moaning about being 'starving', I served our food and watched him sit opposite me at the table moving his food around the plate without eating anything.

"I asked him what was wrong and apparently as I had used chopped tomatoes instead of passata, the sauce was too was ‘lumpy’. And he only likes a smooth tomato sauce."

The woman continued: "He spent the next five minutes dramatically sliding bits of food around the plate and attempting to pick out each individual slither of chopped tomato.

"He eventually announced that he wasn’t hungry and left a whole plate full of freshly cooked food.

"I would never knowingly cook a meal using ingredients that somebody didn’t like and expect them to eat it, but that wasn’t the case here.

"After spending a lot of time cooking a fresh meal, would I be unreasonable to expect him to be an adult about such a very minor issue (smooth/lumpy sauce!!) and eat it, despite the fact it might not have been made EXACTLY how he wanted it?!

"Darling husband says I’m being ridiculously petty but I feel furious, it just seems so ungrateful."

However, other users didn't think she was being unreasonable at all, and commented in their hundreds on the post.

One person wrote: "He is a man child. What an ungrateful lump he is. Tell he can do his own dinner for a next week."

Another commented: "Give him a pot noodle every night for a week, see if he changes his tune. "

A third shared: "Let him cook his own meals. It's the only way to get him to appreciate the effort that goes into preparing each meal. People who have it too easy never appreciate the effort others make for them."

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