Mum's filthy vehicle strewn with old Diet Coke bottles branded 'UK's Messiest Car'… & she’s absolutely thrilled

LET'S be honest – we find it hard enough to keep the inside of our homes clean, yet alone the car parked outside.

But if you thought the ecosystem growing in your children's car seat was bad, just wait until you catch sight of these filthy vehicles.

Earlier this year, Euro Car Parts began their quest to find the 'UK's Messiest Car' – and offered a £200 prize to owner of the filthiest vehicle.

After receiving more than 200 entries, the judges decided that Louise Duffy's car – which was filled with old Diet Coke bottles, discarded cleaning products, empty boxes of tissues, and random shoes – deserved the title.

The 32–year-old mum, from Manchester, said: "I am delighted beyond belief!

"Whilst some people might not be happy to claim this title, I certainly am!."

Elizabeth Barton came in second place after entering on behalf of her husband.

The 36-year-old, from Wigan, flat-out refuses to get in his car which has rubbish littering every surface.

What's more, we expect Eddie Eames, 32, has a hard job letting people in his passenger seat after building up an epic pile of old coffee cups in the footwell.

Meanwhile, mum Marianne Sparkes, 26, from Macclesfield, does her best to keep her car litter-free – but the kids are forever leaving their McDonald's Happy Meals and Nando's wrappers in the back.

Helen Robinson, Corporate Communications Director at Euro Car Parts, said: “Cleaning out your car can often fall to the bottom of your list of jobs, and we’re sure that for many, these images may be a familiar sight! 

“Giving your car a clean from time to time means you and your passengers will have a safer and more pleasant driving experience. We recommend cleaning the inside of your car fairly regularly, especially now that many vehicles aren’t being used as often, as unpleasant smells may build up. 

“We hope that the cleaning bundle helps Louise keep her car in sparkling condition from now on!”

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