Mums are sharing their B&M Christmas hauls after grabbing deers, gingerbread houses and toys for a pound and under – The Sun

WE don't know about you, but we're completely unprepared for Christmas.

And as the big day creeps ever closer, we're always looking for opportunities to tick things off our Christmas lists.

With that in mind, B&M shoppers have hit the aisles for Xmas decorations, toys and trees ahead of the festive season.

People have been sharing snaps of their Christmas hauls on the Facebook group B&M Stores Bargains and More after loading up on seasonal goodies.

If you're still on the hunt for affordable decorations, you'd better hot-foot it down to B&M quick because people have been loading up on tree ornaments, gonks and much more.

Sharing a photo of a wooden nutcracker ornament, one woman said: "Brought him today! b&m in Hemel Hempstead £10. Trying to collect a few more before Christmas."

Another shopper shared photos of her own collection of wooden characters, writing "Love my B&M Nutcrackers."

And that's not all. A savvy mum revealed she'd been into her local shop and picked up some adorable sacks to stuff with Christmas Eve goodies.

A pleased shopper couldn't wait to show off her adorable miniature Christmas trees posted a photo of them stationed outside the garden shed on Facebook.

"Bargain small real Christmas trees! £12.50," she said.

It's not yet December but that hasn't stopped some keen Christmas fans from sticking their trees up already.

And one woman revealed she's pretty much exclusively decorated her tree with B&M ornaments.

Captioning a snap of her tree, the woman said: "Most of the decorations are from B&M apart from a few family sentimental ones, I love the choice they had this year, sooo much gold."

Proving you don't need to spend an arm and a leg to get ready for Christmas, one mum was pleased as punch to show off her cute reindeer lights on Facebook.

She wrote: "Bought today, only £4.99."

And another was able to find a gingerbread house kit priced at £5 in B&M – but the same thing is apparently sold on Amazon for £13.99.


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