Mums are adding Nesquik to their Baileys rather than forking out for fancy flavours – but some think it’s ‘gross’

MUMS are adding Nesquik powder to their Baileys instead of forking out for pricey flavoured versions – but not everyone’s convinced.

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK, one mum shared her secret concoction.

Posting a snap of an own-brand version of the drink and the chocolate milkshake powder, she wrote: “Don’t know if it’s weird or genius 😂

“I love Baileys but the flavoured ones are so expensive compared to the normal unless on offer so I just put a couple spoons of Nesquik in mine and bang chocolate Baileys 😂😂”

The mum uses Aldi’s £3 version Irish cream drink, Ballycastle, with a chocolate Nesquik which comes in at £3.35.

That’s a grand total of £6.35 compared to a bottle of chocolate Baileys which will set you back £18.

Fellow group members were also fans of flavouring their Baileys, with others sharing their top tips.

One wrote: “Warm the banana nesquik up & add baileys it’s AMAZING”

“Lidl version in chocolate McDonald’s milkshake winner x enjoy” suggested another.

A third added: “Try bobbing a bit of Mars milkshake in its lush. Or even a small short of coffee which is my favorite 😍”

However, not everyone was convinced by the combination.

“It’s so sickly and sweet so why someone would like to add to it even more chocolate (sic)” one said.

“Sounds gross” agreed another, while a third said, “🤢 sorry.. Baily's to me is NASTY.”

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