Mum transforms ‘junk’ cupboard into an super-organised space with labels for everything

A HIGHLY organised mum-of-three has shocked people online after transforming her junk cupboard into a neat space with labels for everything. 

Australian-based Lyndall shared on Facebook how she arranged the cupboard using budget drawers so all her small items had a place. 

Posting to the Organising Ideas Australia Facebook group, Lyndall said: “What do you do with all the little bits and pieces you can't live without and need in a pinch yet have nowhere to live? Well this is my solution!

“Here I have carefully sorted through all the cables, tools, sticky thingies and fixings to make them super easy to find!”

The cupboard is split into numerous sections, so each small item can be quickly found.

Lyndall’s spot has labels for all her bits and bobs, including scissors, key rings, pliers, batteries and power adapters. 

She added: “We just moved house so I need these bits and pieces on the daily while unpacking and organising our new home! So easy to find what I need.”

Many people were quick to praise her incredible organisational skills, with one saying: “That's so impressively organised. Well done!”

Another added: “I absolutely love this idea! I would love to do something similar under the kitchen sink.”

A third wrote: “Absolutely brilliant, I need help with my 'stuff' in my sewing/craft room.”

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