Mum shares genius hack to stop ice pops melting when you head to the park – and it's so easy | The Sun

TEMPERATURES are set to hit 30 degrees this weekend.

And with a heatwave on the horizon, one mum has shared a genius hack for taking ice pops to the park without them melting.

"Life hack," Q said in her TikTok video.

"If you're going to the pool or park and want to take some ice pops for the kiddos, just throw some in an insulated water bottle and you're good to go."

The comments section was quickly filled with praise from other grateful parents.

"So smart!" one wrote.

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"Brilliant," another added.

"Mind blowing and so easy," a third gushed.

"How do we not already know this?!"

"Clever!" someone else commented.

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"Good life hack," another said.

Q always shares life hack ideas on her TikTok page, and recently posted another that will come in handy in the heat.

In the video, she showed herself half filling a plastic water bottle, before laying it down horizontally in the freezer.

Once it was frozen, she took it out of the freezer and topped it up with cold water – meaning the drink would stay cold for a whole lot longer.

"Thank you for sharing," one person commented on the clip.

"Nice!" another praised.

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