Mum shares genius hack for recycling her children's 'useless' old baby towels… and it's a game changer | The Sun

A MUM has been praised after sharing a game-changing hack to recycle kids' old baby towels.

The Canadian mum-of-three admitted the towels – which have a hooded section for the baby's head – were "useless" for her three kids.

But, instead of throwing them away, she came up with an idea of how she could make use of them herself.

She demonstrated in a video on her TikTok page, as she showed herself freshly out of the shower.

She then flipped her head over, before taking the hooded section of the towel and putting it on the back of her head.

Pulling it down, she was able to fit her whole head into the corner, before twisting the rest of the towel and flipping her head up.

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Although she didn't in her clip, the end of the towel could be tucked in as well, making it a more compact hair drying system.

"Just a little idea of what you can do when you dont need baby towels," she captioned her video.

"Works great!"

The majority of people in the comments section were blown away by the hack, with one writing: "OMG six kids in & just learning this?! What else am I doing wrong! lol

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"Ok but why didn’t I think of this. I use a hair towel every day!" another wrote.

As a third commented: "Omg! This is genius!"

"You stop that right now LOL.. I literally just threw 4-5 out because I didn’t use them anymore," someone else raged.

"Life changed!!!! love mum hacks!!!" another said.

But other mums in the comments insisted they'd been doing that for years.

"This is exactly what I use them for," one said.

"I’ve done this forever!" another wrote.

"It’s the best and absorbs water the best."

"I thought I was the only one… lol," a third commented.

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