Mum shares easy way she’s saved hundreds for Christmas WITHOUT cutting back on anything

A MUM has shared her savvy trick to help her save for Christmas – and it’s gone down a storm with fellow parents. 

The woman revealed she puts money away every time she goes to food shopping, starting at the beginning of the year. 

To stop her pinching some cash whenever she’s short, she invested in a money tin which she can’t open – meaning she’s got tonnes of spare cash for Christmas. 

Showing off her idea to Facebook, she said: “So I am definitely not a saver, but I made it my New Year's resolution to save for Christmas this year,” Mail Online reported.

The mum, from Australia, explained she asks for £13.80 ($25) in cashback every time she went shopping, meaning she had £617.16 ($1,125) for Christmas. 

She continued: “The first week of the year, I went and bought a money tin that I couldn't open, and each week when I did my grocery shopping, I asked for $25 cash out, because I thought I wouldn't notice an extra $25 on top of our groceries.

“I just opened it and I now have $1,125 for Christmas!” Mail Online reported.

Her tip racked up dozens of likes, as fellow parents praised her idea. 

One said: “I'm going to do this for a few things.”

Another wrote: “Not only Christmas, but the car rego, insurance and service for the car.”

While others also shared their own tips, saying: “'I have $200 every fortnight that comes out of my pay and goes into another account.

“By Christmas, I have around $5,000 which pays for both Christmas and the kids' school fees.”

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