Mum shares clever hack to help entertain children on long car journeys – and there’s not an iPad in sight | The Sun

EVERY parent knows the dread they feel when they discover they need to go on a long car journey with their children in the back. 

On top of them getting bored and restless, there’s also the golden question – ‘are we there yet?’ – to contend with. 

But one mum has shared how it doesn’t always have to be this way, as she revealed how she keeps her young kids occupied for hours on end. 

And the best news about her handy life hack is that there’s no iPads or other screens in sight, so you can feel guilt-free in the process. 

Mum and social media user Jayme, who posts videos of “simple play ideas” on her account @teachtalkinspire, revealed she relies on podcasts to ensure journeys are hassle free. 

She explained to her 12.7k followers: “One of the best things I started doing for myself as a mom was play podcasts for my child in the car when I needed a break but didn’t want to just hand my phone over.

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“We now have so many favourites and it makes car rides enjoyable and less over stimulating for the both of us.”

Jayme added in the caption to the post that it had been a total game changer for her, before revealing her podcast recommendations for other parents.

She typed: “This was life changing for me as a mom.

“If you have been following along with me for a while, then you’ll know podcasts have become quite the lifesaver for us. 

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“Whether we’re in the car or at home, podcast listening has become part of our daily routine. And I am so happy because of it!”

Continuing to list some of their main benefits, she said: “Not only are podcasts a fantastic way to cut down on screen time (if you need to) but they are also a wonderful tool to practise active listening with our little ones. 

“Podcasts, when done right for our littles, promote literacy by hearing stories, songs, and conversations out loud. 

“But I also know that finding podcasts for our littles that they actually enjoy can be challenging, that’s why I wanted to share some of our favourites.”

Jayme then went through her list of podcasts, starting out with her personal favourites of ours. 

She highlighted Pinkalicious & Peterrific, Arthur, The Odd Squad, Disney MAGIC of storytelling . 

Others included Molly of Denali, Circle Round and Alpha beats. 

While Jayme also added another one to the list – and said that mums would be particular fans. 

She said she can’t get enough of Julie’s Library, where Julie Andrews and her daughter Emma read their most-loved childhood books.

She joked: “That one is for me so I can geek out on Julie Andrews.”

Jayme said that the extensive list doesn’t stop there and that she could “probably keep going.”

The parenting pro then encouraged parents to give it a try for themselves and let her know how they got on. 

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She concluded: “Next time you have a long car ride (or a short one!) , are cooking dinner, or just relaxing at home try turning on a podcast for your kiddos. 

“I guarantee they will love it!”

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