Mum reveals simple trick for getting rid of knots in dolls' hair using fabric softener & it makes them look brand new

A MUM has revealed her simple hack for getting rid of the knots in dolls’ hair – and all you need is some fabric conditioner. 

Mum Charlotte, who has twins, shared a clip to Tik Tok, revealing a familiar sight in most households – dolls with tangled and matted hair. 

She said: “I’m a mum of girls and we have princesses a plenty. 

“Problem is their hair’s gone all horrible and scraggly.”

Rather than giving the dolls an extreme makeover and cutting their hair off, she claimed you can smooth out their barnet using fabric conditioner and water. 

She said: “Here’s a top tip to fix that.

“Put some fabric conditioner in a cup, pour in some water, leave to soak overnight.”

In the clip she dunks the dolls upside down in the cup, and lets the solution work its magic. 

In a separate clip, Charlotte reveals her results of her emergency hairdressing. 

After removing the doll from the liquid, Charlotte added you need to rinse off the fabric conditioner and brush the hair to smooth it out. 

She said: “Remember the doll from yesterday who had scraggly hair, and we put her in a cup of fabric conditioner overnight?

“Well here she is, with lovely long easy to style locks.”

She shows the doll with sleek and straight hair – without a knot in sight. 

Thousands of mums have liked her clip, thanking her for sharing the tip. 

One person commented: “Oh she looks good, you do very good doll hacks.” 

Another wrote: “Thanks I have a 3 year old niece and some of her doll’s hair are like that.” 

While a third simply said: “Great tip.”

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