Mum reveals 3 tricks to make flights with young kids so much easier – and it stops them annoying other passengers | The Sun

A DOTING mum has unveiled her three tricks for keeping the kids entertained for hours on a flight. 

Taking to her social media, Michelle shared a clip of herself boarding a plane with her kids as she told viewers: “Here are three tips for travelling on a plane with kids.” 

She then shared the first step in her plan to keep them busy on the flight as she said: “I like to assemble a hanging toiletry bag with small activities and toys.” 

In each compartment of the turquoise bag was another toy for her kids to play with, including a deck of UNO cards. 

Michelle said the hanging feature makes everything “super easy to grab and zip up” once they’re done playing. 

Second on her list is to bring snacks as it’s a “great way to kill time”. 

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Snapping her fingers in front of the camera, she showed the before and after of several small containers being filled with nuts, fruit and biscuits. 

“I like to use this multi-portioned container because we can open one at a time and build it back together like a puzzle,” she continued. 

Michelle’s final tip for travelling with kids was centred around preventing them from kicking the seat in front of them and disturbing other passengers. 

She told viewers to invest in a foot rest that could be attached to the front seat so that the kids could stretch out without causing havoc. 

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In the caption, TikTok user @7daysofplay said the final tip was a “game-changer” for preventing unintentional taps on the seat in front. 

She added: “Bye-bye chair-kicking, hello comfort!” before sharing that she’s a mum-of-four and loves sharing “fun things you can do with the family”. 

People flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts as one person wrote: “This is the best travel tips video that I’ve seen. The rest of them are so repetitive with the same tips.” 

Another said: “I love the idea for the activity bag!” 

A third posted: “The hanging toiletry bag is genius! I have 15 yrs of experience traveling w/chld & I’ve never thought/seen this before.” 

While a fourth added: “That food container tho,” followed by two red heart emojis. “Just found it on Amazon! I’m def getting this”. 

An Airplane Footrest on Amazon is £21, while a stackable snack container set can go anywhere from £5 to £30 depending on how many portion sizes you’d want. 

And the toiletry bag can be found for as little as £8 on the retail giant website. 

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