Mum-of-16 treats her family to a takeaway and shows off their whopping order – with 40 chicken nuggets and a mountain of burgers

FRIDAY night takeaway looks a lot bigger for a supersize family of 18.

"Australia's biggest family" the Bonells shared a snap of their Friday fast food treat and it was a mountain of food.

Jeni and Ray Bonell, from Queensland, are the proud parents of 16 children ranging from six to 31 years old.

Their food shop typically adds up to £250 a week but last Friday they broke with tradition and ordered a takeaway to celebrate one of their nine sons' birthdays as he turned ten years old.

The 51-year-old mum, who also has seven daughters, ordered the giant meal from fast food restaurant Hungry Jacks.

She shared a picture of her ten-year-old son Damian looking delighted with the haul on their Instagram page.

He sat in front of eight beef Whoppers, eight cheeseburgers, 40 chicken nuggets, 16 portions of fries and 16 soft drinks.

But the giant order didn't cost a fortune as the savvy mum ordered four large family bundle meals costing just £72.

She captioned the snap with: "And just like that another kid has a birthday, and leaves us with just one child in the single digit age range now.

"Mummy is definitely feeling all the feels about all her babies growing up.

"Loving just the little bit of takeaway for his birthday dinner."

She rounded off the sweet post with the hashtag "feeding a crowd".

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