Mum mortified after realising she’s accidentally named all FIVE of her kids after different drugs

CHOOSING a baby name is a labour of love and it can take months to settle on the perfect choice.

For one mum-of-five, she made sure all of her children's monikers were of sentimental value but she was left mortified when she realised she'd accidentally named them after different drugs.

Jazz, from Sydney, was heavily pregnant with baby number four and had just decided on a name for her little one when a friend pointed out the awkward connection her children's names had.

She and her husband revealed they were planning on calling their baby boy Oscar, with the mum telling Kidspot: "He was hysterically laughing which made me confused… then he called the baby ‘an ounce’ and it finally clicked."

She explained that Oscar can be another term for an "ounce bag of marijuana".

The friend then pointed out that the rest of her kids all had drug-related names too.

"Charlie was cocaine, and Harry was heroin, I couldn’t see the Max connection at first – but he told me it’s a drink that has had GHB and amphetamines in it,” she said.

“I was half mortified and half hysterically laughing, hoping no one would ever pick up on it.”

10 years later when she fell pregnant with her fifth child, Jazz unintentionally made the name mishap again when welcoming her daughter.

With her older children, Jazz had picked names that meant something to her – Max and Charlie had been her husband's favourite names and Harry was the name of her grandfather.

She named her baby girl Billy Jo – a name her mum had loved, with Jo actually being her mother's name – and later fund out that "Billy" is a slang term used for "bong".

"None of it was intentional which always makes me laugh," Jazz revealed.

"But I absolutely love their names and would choose them all again, I can't imagine them being anything else."

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