Mum fuming over child-free wedding invitation claiming it’s the ‘golden opportunity’ for parents to enjoy themselves

IT'S becoming more and more common for brides and grooms to askguests not to bring children to their wedding day.

Obviously, it's up to them who is invited to the wedding, but the way it is phrased can cause division among guests.

But one mum who received a wedding invitation was left irritated by the way the couple asked people not to bring their children.

The mum posted anonymously to mumsnet and asked users whether she was unreasonable to be annoyed by the request.

She wrote: "We have been invited to two child-free weddings, both in June. We are going to attend both and are pulling in favours for childcare.

"However, I can’t pretend that I’m not mildly irritated by the wording in one of the invites!"

The mum saw no problem with the second wedding invitations wording, which said; "While we love your children please note this is an adult-only occasion."

But she was left somewhat irritated by the second weddings phrasing, which claimed not having parents' children attend would be the 'golden opportunity' for them to enjoy themselves.

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It read: "Unfortunately bearing in mind we have limited guest numbers we cannot accommodate everyone’s children however this is a golden opportunity for parents to enjoy a night of relaxation and uninhibited revelry!”

The mum said it had annoyed her as finding a babysitter was not at all a relaxing experience for her and that it was actually more of an inconvenience and expensive to find childcare for the day.

She explained that being away from her baby, who she is seemingly still breastfeeding would mean she wouldn't be enjoying herself dancing on top of tables but would probably be stuck in the toilets expressing milk throughout the night.

The woman added: "It is absolutely the couple’s prerogative to have the wedding they want including making a decision to have no children- just own it and say so instead of dancing around it and pretending it’s a night off for me."

She admitted she may be more annoyed by this wedding invite as the couple also included a poem in the invite asking guests for money instead of gifts.

Some users agreed with the mum, one wrote: "I agree with you. I hate it when they try to pass it off as doing the guests a favour. It's a nuisance and an expense sorting childcare."

Another user commented: "It bugs me when they make out that it’s a huge favour to the parents when it’s actually really inconvenient!"

However, there were some users who disagreed, with one saying: "Have to say I disagree and wouldn’t be offended by either. I’m also completely on board with child-free weddings."

Another user said: "You’re being ridiculous."


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