Mum breaks down in tears on Nick Knowles’ Big House Clearout embarrassed by the amount of junk cluttering up her home

A MUM was moved to tears after seeing the huge amount of junk she had managed to squeeze in her family's three-bedroom semi on Nick Knowles' Big House Clearout.

With her husband Ian working full-time, mum-of-three Georgie, who also works two days a week, had found it a near-impossible mission to spend quality time with her partner – let alone sort out the family home in Farnborough, Hampshire.

The never-ending chaos in virtually every corner had also made the mum quite emotional, as has she had nowhere to call her own space at the end of the exhausting day.

On the Channel 5 show, which airs on Thursday at 8pm in the evening, the parents admitted they did not expect to suddenly have a set of twins join their son – and with two more children, there, of course, was now double the amount of clothes and toys.

''It affected everything about us,'' said Ian, explaining that the two were forced to reconsider every aspect of their life – find a bigger house and look for a better-paying job.

''Every room has a mixture of functions – the bedroom is where I work.''

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The dining room, which as originally intended as the family eating space, over time also became the room for doing crafts, and with three kids around, the living room soon had turned into playroom.

''We just don't have anywhere to breathe.''

Georgia said: ''We are drowning in a sea of toys, we have to dig through everything to find stuff.

''It's so stressful just trying to live and do things in the house.''

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Desperate for help, the family reached out to Nick who then offered them a life-changing deal of clearing out half of their unwanted belongings in exchange for a complete house makeover.

The host of the show arrived to meet the family and more importantly – to see the state of their house for himself.

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And the first glance at the living room was just a teaser of what was to follow.

''You've got a lot of stuff here, haven't you?''

But it's not just piles of children's toys and art crafts that make the space full of clutter – it's also Ian's hobbies.

''It really eats me up from time to time.''

Georgie was in tears, as she revealed she practically has no time left.

''It doesn't feel like home and it doesn't feel like the house reflects us as a family.''

What also left the mum emotional was worrying that one day her children, two daughters and one son, will grow up and remember just ''a messy house''.

''I put everybody else first to make sure they're happy and then I squeeze in where I can,'' she opened up in a chat with Nick.

Speaking of their home, Nick said the property's been valued at £425,000 – but with a bit of work, this number could easily increase.

The family-of-five were put up in a rented accommodation while the entire home’s possessions were put into a staggering 164 boxes.

The Channel 5 team then headed to a local hall where they recreated the family’s home room by room and unpacked the whopping amount of items back into each space.

Amongst the clutter were 400 CD’s and DVD’s, 202 books, 50 board games and over 1,000 toys.

Nick helped the family go through their belongings to choose what they would keep and throw before they would see their new home.

But this turned out to be a challenge, particularly for Ian who struggled to let go of his beloved tech and computer consoles.

However, that was until he came to find out that many of these were now seen as classics and gaming reconditioning shops would be interested in paying good money for such retro gems.

Back at the house, experts were working hard to give the home a much-needed makeover.

The items the parents had chosen to keep were moved back in for the big reveal. 

Upon seeing the new gorgeous home, Goergie was shocked:''Wow! It's lovely!

''So different – and it's a room.''

Ian was just as pleased, especially after having a glance at his new workspace.

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''Sitting here, I feel happy and really comfortable.

''This will give us an opportunity to grow as a family.''

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