Mortified woman reveals ‘inspirational’ tattoo near her crotch accidentally has a VERY sexual meaning

A MORTIFIED woman has revealed her “inspirational” tattoo near her crotch which could be mistaken for a very sexual meaning.

TikTok user @mariaavery urged people to think twice before getting “dumb” tattoos from Pinterest.

The video starts by someone asking: “What is the dumbest tattoo that you’ve ever gotten?”

US-based Maria, 22, then cuts in by saying: “It’s my time to shine. I’ve been waiting for this moment.

“18 year old me was on Pinterest and thought ‘keep going’ is such an inspirational quote, I should just get it tattooed on me.”

While it may have been a meaningful phrase, it did look rather dodgy when she showed where she had got it – in her crotch area. 

She added: “This is where I got, this is where I thought was a good idea.

“My family saw it and were like ‘what the f*** is that?’, ‘that’s so sexual’, ‘get it removed’, so I figured I could fix it.”

Maria then showed how she made it even worse by adding the word ‘forward’ so it read ‘keep going forward’. 

She joked: “It only gets dumber at this point. So I realised I had to either cover it up or get it removed.

“I didn’t want to get it removed so I did cover it up, but this is probably the dumbest tattoo I’ve ever gotten.

“The tattoo artist literally said when putting ‘forward’ on it, ‘I was hoping you didn’t want me to put ‘keep going harder’.”

Marie then showed off what the tattoo looks like now, and it is massively improved. 

The woman has turned the three words into three roses, which sit in her upper thigh region.

She joked: “Don’t get dumb tattoos from Pinterest.”

What do people regret the most?

Fabulous spoke to Vanessa Charest, an Aesthetic Nurse at London Real Skin in Holborn, who revealed some of the most common tattoos people get removed and the body parts they regret getting inked the most.

"The tattoos that we are currently treating with Laser Tattoo Removal vary.

"Some of the common areas include the lower back on females, and for the men it's the sleeve of tattoos.

"We have seen a few on the wrists, as well as on the upper part of the back and back of shoulder. 

"The most common tattoos include initials or letters that clients are looking to have removed, typically signifying a past relationship, and quotes and sayings are usually quite common.

"Stars and shapes are common amongst females. "

Vanessa Charest, an Aesthetic Nurse at London Real Skin in Holborn

Her video has racked up almost 80,000 likes, with one person saying: “I laughed so hard but love the ending.”

Another added: “Lmaoooooo dying.”

One reasoned: “It’s not a bad tattoo, it’s just the placement.”

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