Mind-boggling optical illusion shows incredible view of Earth from space… but all is not what it seems

AT first this mind-bending optical illusion appears to show a stunning view of Earth from the depths of space – but take a closer look.

The image, at first glance, looks like it is showing the curvature of our Blue Planet with light from the Sun streaming in from the left-hand side.

In reality though, the dazzling image shows the early morning frost on a car.

When it was originally posted on the social media site Reddit, many commentators flocked to give their often sarcastic and humorous take on the photo.

One commentator got the ball rolling, writing: “So that's how NASA makes those pictures.”

In response, someone else said: “Ohh god. Flat-earthers just got some ammunition…”

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A third joked: “You just unlocked the conspiracy theory.”

Others showed their appreciation for the picture, with one adding: “This is amazing. Looks just like a NASA photo.”

Another commentator wrote: “Wow… I am so confused… I can’t see how this is a car.”

Fans of optical illusions also had their brains frazzled trying to find a rooster, a hen and three chickens that are hidden in a tree.

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The tricky picture shows a tree on a white background with the five animals hidden between its branches.

If you pay close attention to the riddle you will see the shape of the animals being formed from the branches of the tree.

And if you look closely you will see that some of the tree's leaves are actually the animals' eyes.

Another image, shared on TikTok, claimed to reveal whether the person viewing it was the life of the party or the sharpest mind around

In a recent video, Hannah Throck shared a colorful illusion that concealed two secret animal illustrations.

"Think about what you saw first," Throck instructed.

"If you saw a fox first, it means you're pretty popular," she explained.

Seeing the fox means your loved ones have faith in you – in fact, "your friends and family trust you with their lives," Throck said.

On the other hand, viewers who saw a dolphin first connect with their families in a different way.

"You're pretty timid and shy," the TikTok star claimed.

"You try to avoid arguments and confrontation because you don't want to deal with that," she added.

But your wisdom is widely known, and "people always come to you for advice."

It’s also been revealed there is an optical illusion hidden in the Major League Baseball logo.

The Instagram account opticalillusionss posted a photo of the MLB logo with the words “Is the batter in the MLB logo batting right handed or left handed?”

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“What do you see?” read the caption of the post.

The logo features the silhouette of a batter ready to hit a ball, however, depending on how you look at it the batter could be right or left-handed.

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