Mind-bending optical illusion reveals if you're on the right career path based on what you see first | The Sun

THIS mind-bending optical illusion determines whether you're on the right career path based on what you see first.

Look carefully at this puzzling image and take note of the first thing you spot as it may reveal something very important about you.

This black and white photo actually contains three different pictures, but which one catches your eye?

Whatever the viewer sees first in this thought-provoking personality test determines if they've made the right career choice.

Are you ready to find out?

The game is simple – just take a look at the optical illusion and make a note of the object that immediately grabs your attention.


You have eyes of a hawk if you spot wolf ready to pounce in optical illusion

Mind-blowing optical illusion reveals how easily your eyes are tricked

Then read on to discover the meaning behind your find.

Optical illusions are a great way to challenge your brain and are becoming very popular daily activities.

Have you got your answer yet?

Here are the meanings behind the three most popular spots.

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The Skull

If the skull was the first thing you noticed, then your artistic talents may lead you to the correct career path, according to this personality test.

Maybe you already have artistic flair, or perhaps its something you should explore further – but a job in painting, writing or performing arts may be your ideal career.

The Snail

Did you spot the snail first?

If you did then you are perfectly suited for a people-oriented job.

With your impeccable social skills and natural ability to communicate, you'd do great in a HR or teaching job.

The Map

And finally, if you saw the map first then you have some serious analytical and problem-solving skills.

Becoming an engineer, scientist or architect might just be the perfect career route for you – or anything else in the technical industry.

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