Man shares easy way he paints a whole wall in 30 seconds and it’s blowing people’s minds

A MAN has amazed homeowners by painting a whole wall in just 30 seconds. 

TikTok user @angela_j_official uploaded a clip of the man completing the DIY decorating job at lightning speed. 

She included the caption: “How on earth is this even possible?”

The man starts off by walking alongside a yellow wall, while making zig-zag strokes with a roller covered in white paint. 

Once he reached the other side, he then walked back the other way, this time brushing vertically to completely cover the wall. 

In a matter of seconds, the entire wall was covered in paint. 

Many people were highly impressed at his skills, and said they wanted to hire him to do their entire house. 

One said: “Do you want to come and do my hallway, stairs and landing?”

Another added: “I’ll pay him by the hour lol”.

And one advised: “It’s just a soaked roller with a lot of strength so the paint doesn’t stick to the roller when rolling.”


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