Man reveals how to paint over anything WITHOUT using tape – and it will save you so much time

PAINTING a flat surface is easy peasy, but the same can't be said for smaller, more intricate areas – such as around a door knob or window frames.

In these instances, you'd often use masking tape to cover the areas you don't want to paint, but there's actually a much easier way and it's super quick, too.

A TikTok user who goes by the name of Warehouse Manger shared a clip showing how petroleum jelly, or Vaseline, is your saving grace when it comes to DIY.

In the clip, a man uses a cotton tip to apply the Vaseline to the strike plate on the doorframe making sure he covers the entire area.

Then, armed with a paintbrush and vibrant red paint, he swipes straight on over the top of the wooden door frame AND the metal plate – which, let's be clear, he was not planning on painting.

When the paint is dry, he wipes over the metal plate with a cloth and the red paint comes right off in an instant, with no scrubbing and no chipping away at hardened paint.

In the clip, the voiceover says: "Guys, this is a life hack that everyone needs to know.

"Petroleum jelly -put it over the top of whatever you don't want covered in paint. Paint right over it. Wait til it dries. Wipe that baby off, no paint."

If not for this hack, you'd either need to unscrew the plate and put it on again or tape the area before you paint – and neither options are ideal, particularly if you don't have tools OR tape handy.

While some were fans of the life hack, others remained skeptical and still thought taking the plate off would be easier, especially since that's what "professionals do."

Others said the Vaseline would get in the brush and make the paint streaky, or perhaps even "ruin the paint brush."

Many were pretty impressed though, and thanked the poster for sharing.

One person said the same trick works when dying your hair – just rub some jelly on your forehead.

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