Man develops STAR-shaped cataract in his eye after being punched, docs discover

The 36-year-old sought medical attention two days after the fight.

He'd developed what is known as a "rosetta cataract", meaning that the clouding of the lens had a star-like appearance.

His super-rare case has been reported in the journal BMJ Case Report.

Cataracts tend to be more common in older people because as we age, the proteins found in the lens of the eye start to clump together.

Young people only really tend to develop it if they've had an injury – as with this bloke.

Lead case report author Dr Rohan Singh said that he was involved in a fistfight and was punched on the left side of his face around the temple area and not directly in the eye.

Dr Singh told Live Science that the man developed the rosette cataract because the physical impact of being hit in the face generated shock waves that travelled through the bones in his temple and into his left eye.

These shock waves disrupted the usual arrangement of fibres, or proteins, found in the lens, eventually causing an "opacification," or clouding, of the lens into a rosette or star-like pattern, he said.

Rosette cataracts are very rare and aren't visible to the naked eye; you need specialist equipment to see them.

The man in this case didn't even know he a cataract until he visited a doctor.

Had he not sought medical attention, it would have continued to grow – eventually obscuring his eye and worsening his vision significantly.

The redness, pain and poor vision had grown progressively worse around six hours after getting socked in the face.

Over the next two days, it became harder and harder from him to see out of his left eye and it was only when doctors performed a specialised eye exam that they found his lens had a five-petal cataract.

To treat him, doctors performed surgery to remove the cataract and implant a new lens.

Just a week after surgery, the guy had 20/20 vision restored to his left eye.

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