Makeup influencer slammed for sharing photo in full blackface to 'support black lives matter'

A BEAUTY influencer has come under fire after she shared a photo of her in full blackface to “support black lives matter.”

Ken Francisco De Dios, from the Philippines, shared a collage of photos where she has applied makeup to make her skin appear darker.

The blogger is thought to have created the post as a response to the death of George Floyd in the US who died after an officer knelt on his neck in the infamous video.

Shared on Facebook, the post was captioned “Black lives matter.”

But Ken’s influencers were appalled at the highly offensive post, urging her to educate herself on blackface.

The blogger has appeared to have now deleted her Facebook page following a deluge of backlash, as it continues to be shared across Reddit and Twitter.

One Twitter user wrote: “See this is what we’re NOT gonna do. Please educate yourself Ken Francisco De Dios. Their skin color is not your costume.”

Agreeing another added: “U have a lot of nerve to post this, blackface is not and will never be okay baby.”

“She rlly did blackface and said black lives matter in the same breath. Damn” added a third.

A fourth tweeted: “Blackface is disrespectful af. Please stop doing it for clout. Black lives matter and this includes respecting their culture.”

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And this mum sparked a race storm after sharing a picture of her partner "blacked up" next to their baby.

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