Love Island's Paige Turley admits her and Finn Tapp are 'still in the honeymoon period' and he's already getting broody

THEY knew each other’s toilet schedule within three days of meeting on Love Island, but five months on Paige Turley says she and Finn Tapp are still in the honeymoon period.

Since winning February’s series of Love Island 22-year-old Paige and footballer boyfriend Finn, 20, have been inseparable – moving in together at Paige’s parents’ house in West Lothian, Scotland before moving in to a swanky pad of their own in Manchester.

Now Paige, who previously dated crooner Lewis Capaldi and shocked fans with her incredible singing voice during the talent content episode of this year’s show, is releasing her first single tomorrow – a cover of Artful Dodger’s Movin’ Too Fast.

Blonde bombshell Paige, who has racked up 1.8 million followers since leaving the Love Island villa in South Africa, says: “For the first few months we were at my parents house in Scotland, and it was actually good.

“Finn fitted in so well because we’ve got really similar family set-ups – we’re close with our cousins and both have quite a large family – so it’s like looking in the mirror.

“[On Love Island] you cross boundaries so much quicker because when you’re dating somebody you wouldn’t usually know their bowel movements within three days, but in the villa you did find out that kind of stuff.

“It’s been the fastest relationship I’ve ever known but aye, we’re closer than ever. He might not say we’re in the honeymoon period but I think we are. It just feels right.”

And could marriage be on the cards?

“I keep grilling him on this but he’s not letting me in on any of his secrets,” says Paige. “Before meeting Finn, getting married was a distant thought but it’s definitely changed.

“He’s a couple years younger than me but I think he wants to be married and have a family quite young. His mum and dad married quite young and he’s got three younger brothers and sisters, so he’s got quite a big family.

"I keep asking him if he’s going to propose in the next year but he’s not giving much away. Hopefully it’ll all happen in the next few years anyway.

“My cousin is half a year older than me and she’s got a baby. Being around her gets me an extra bit broody, but Finn’s even more broody than I am.

“My friends are all at the same stage where we want to settle down. One of them already has a baby, and seeing her makes me think that’s what I want. Finn’s friends have all got girlfriends too, though I think he’s a couple years ahead of them wanting to settle down.

“My parents would be happy to see it too, as long as I’m happy, they would love it.”

Paige spent eight weeks in the villa in South Africa filming Love Island before taking away her share of the £50,000 prize money with Finn, but did she ever expect to find love?

“No! When I first was going in [to Love Island] I was quite naive,” she says. “I was such a big fan of the show, but when I was watching it I thought: ‘How could someone fall in love after that?’, but it’s not until you’re in there and you experience it – and it’s so intense – that you can kind of understand. I never would have thought I would walk away and have actually found somebody.”

Thanks to their prize money and endorsements – Paige has worked with Carmex, LookFantastic and Boux Avenue – the couple have now moved into their first home together, a sleek three-bed city pad in Manchester.

They chose the city because it sits between both of their family homes – Finn is from Milton Keynes and used to play football for Oxford City.

Paige says: “We’ve turned one of the rooms into a walk-in dressing room and we’ve got floor to ceiling windows with views over the city, so it’s what dreams are made of really.

“I count my blessings from it. It’s been nice to be able to reflect in lockdown and appreciate what’s happened. I’ve had so many opportunities with fashion brands, beauty brands and now music. I recently treated myself to a Mac laptop and Louis Vuitton boots.”

But Paige’s next career move is to go back to her first love – singing. And something she shares with former boyfriend Lewis Capaldi who she dated for a year in 2015 after meeting at college in Motherwell, North Lanarkshire.

Paige mentioned her former flame numerous times while she was on Love Island, and Someone Like You Singer Lewis later said he did not mind that she did.

He said: “This sounds very crass, but when you go out with a singer they can write songs about you and make money from that. So she’s got every right to talk about it, too.”

Lewis has said ‘a bunch of songs’ on his first album are about Paige, including Bruises and the huge hit Hold Me While You Wait.

Paige says as exes go, they are still “very, very friendly” and Lewis was quick to congratulate her on her Love Island win.

But now it is Paige’s turn to make a name for herself in the music industry – her first single will be available to stream on Spotify and iTunes from tomorrow.

Paige, who worked in the retail industry before signing up to Love Island, says: “I’m so excited. It feels a bit like a dream come true.

“Singing has always been a passion for me since really young. I didn’t enjoy much else. “Whenever I was at work in men’s retail I would just think: ‘This is not for me.’

“I kinda knew that was the avenue I would go down.”

This isn’t the first time Paige, who was performing gigs at weddings and pub nights from the age of 13, has tried to get her big break.

In 2012 aged 14, Paige got herself an audience with Simon, Alesha, Amanda and David on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent, singing a cover of Birdy’s Skinny Love while her mum Gillian, 51, who is a personal assistant in the NHS, and Grandad John, 78, waited in the wings.

But despite being praised for her “big voice” she was eliminated in the semi finals.

She says: “At the time I was really young and still had to find out who I was in a personal and musical aspect. It wasn’t the right time. I had to go back to school and get a bit more life experience.”

Unlike many Love Islanders who have admitted to having cosmetic surgery, Paige doesn’t look that much different now from the teen on Britain’s Got Talent, but she says she would not be against having the odd tweakment.

She says: “I would never say never. If it makes you feel better then it’s your thing. In lockdown I’ve definitely been conscious just sitting around eating all the time, I need to get my ass back into gear in the gym. [With surgery] I think if people want to do that then they should just go for it.

“As a younger generation, it’s just a thing. My friends all get their lips done. Years ago thin eyebrows were the in-look, and now it’s all about big brows. I think surgery is just another thing that will come and go.”

Despite the release of her first single tomorrow, Paige is yet to be signed by a music label for her original music, but she hopes that this will open doors for her to out music she’s written herself during lockdown which she says “is a lot about love and moving on in life.”

Paige adds: “It will be nice for people to see me as a musician, because I think it’s a double-edged sword starting out on Love Island.

“Some say it gave me a platform, but then at the same time I find that when reality stars branch out to do other [things], people are a bit weird about it.”

Paige Turley and The House & Garage Orchestra’s ‘Movin’ Too Fast’ will be available to stream and download on Spotify and Apple Music from 17th July 2020.

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